At DEMAND we work from the belief that working together ensures better results, that is why we do not talk about consultants but about coaches. We formulate a shared goal, draw up a clear plan, guide the process and take over where necessary. Our approach has proven itself amply and results in; more commitment, higher returns and a lasting relationship.

We continue where others stop! Our unique approach ensures that you always stay connected with the project. Only in this way can we guarantee that our advice fits you and your company as a tailor-made suit. Success through collaboration and connectedness.

For many, starting your own business is new and brings a lot of uncertainty. What if you have a reliable partner that protects you from many mistakes made within starting companies? Thorough start-up advice will pay for itself in all cases. What is included in a DEMAND starter package:

  • Assessment and improvement of your Business plan
  • Help with the submission of funding applications
  • Legal assistance
  • Advice on submitting license applications
  • Assistance supplier choices
  • Assistance insurance choices
  • Set up administration / accounting
  • Assistance during takeover meetings
  • Complete care (from concept to aftercare)
  • Helpdesk advice: Monday – Friday from 9 am to 7 pm
  • Personal advisor

Hospitality from 2,295.00 euros to 4,795.00 euros *
SMEs from € 2,795.00 to € 5,950.00 *
* Price based on legal form, size and intensity. This concerns a fixed fee without any surprises afterwards. You always receive a quote without any obligation. A combination with a purchase assistance is possible, for which favourable rates apply.

An entrepreneur easily pays up to 20% premium for the purchase of a building, inventory, rent or goodwill. What if you can reduce this premium together with a reliable partner? At DEMAND, experts can help you with your purchase, rent, franchise or takeover at advantageous rates. What does DEMAND do for you:

  • Advising on location and market
  • Assess and improve your business plan
  • Legal guidance and settlement
  • Help with filing a financing application
  • Provide a realistic counter-offer
  • Advice on submitting license applications

Catering: 10.65% of the achieved return
SMEs: 12.85% of the achieved return
No initial costs!

We work for many investors and other lenders when it comes to conducting thorough feasibility studies. They want to keep the risk as small as possible. However, you can also have a (limited) feasibility study carried out. This gives you insight into:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of your starting concept.
  • Calculated figures on turnover, costs and investment needs.
  • Insight into your possible future turnover, financing needs and markets.
  • The size and approach of your sales market.
  • Any other (niche) markets.
  • Trend and threats in your market.
  • The competition within your market.

Basis (Entrepreneurs) Hospitality: 1,495.00 euros
Basic (Entrepreneurs) SMEs: 1,795.00 euros
Advanced (Investors) Hospitality: 2,395.00 euros
Advanced (Investors) SMEs: 2,895.00 euros

You have wonderful ideas in mind, but putting it on paper is a different story? Apart from the need to apply for financing, a business plan also provides you a lot of (new) insights. We guide you in writing your business plan and fill in missing information where necessary. At DEMAND we think it is important that a business plan suits you as a person, which is why we always let you write at least 40% yourself. With our unique one-on-one coaching you succeed in writing an accepted business plan.


Hospitality check: 595.00 euros
SME check: 895.00 euros
Hospitality writing: from 1.895 euros *
Writing SMEs: from 2,295.00 euros *
* Prices depend on the hour forecast (your own contribution plays a role in this), your advisor always prepares an offer beforehand.

  • Drafting contract: from 1,295.00 euros
  • Layout of rental agreement: from 895.00 euros
  • Layout of franchise agreement: from 895.00 euros
  • Other consultancy advisory: from 49.50 euros per hour
  • Other legal advisory: from 89.50 euros per hour