Hospitality Advisory Services

In addition to the general advisory services, DEMAND also has a specialized department that meets in the “Hospitality Advisory Services”. This department is only specialized in everything related to the hospitality industry. This means that we advise the traditional catering industry, but also related organizations in; wellness, recreation and organizations that want to optimize their hospitality experience.

Our advisors have earned their stripes within the hospitality market. The origin of DEMAND lies within the hospitality and due to our unique approach we became the organization we are today. We breathe hospitality and place the interests of our client as well as their guests above ours.

An essential part of your product / service is the concept that you want to exploit. Many entrepreneurs are creative and think of the most beautiful concepts, but how do I put them on the market and there is a market for your product / service at all. The concept developers of DEMAND Hospitality Advisory Services will guide you from the research phase, development phase to the opening phase. Even after opening, the advisor monitors your company to maximize the chances of success. A complete guidance from idea to a success formula is within reach.
For every organization of great importance whether you are a hospitality professional or you are employed in the banking sector; Hospitality makes or breaks your product / service. At DEMAND Hospitality Advisory Services, we understand better than anyone else the importance of communication with your guests, customers or clientele. Every contact moment is a moment when you can give your product / service a boost. The hospitality professional of DEMAND Hospitality Advisory Services will carry out a complete scan of your organization and report the findings to you. Together with this professional, you draw up an action plan whereby the consultant provides you with sound advice.
A part of every hospitality scan is a mystery visit. Whether it is a restaurant, hotel reception or retail outlet, hospitality is indispensable. The mystery visitor visits your company and prepares a well-founded report. On the basis of this report you can determine your course for the future yourself.
The Horeca equivalent of the general 360 degree analysis that is entirely focused on the hospitality industry. The DEMAND Hospitality advisory advisor conducts a company-wide survey in which he, among other things, looks at; Purchasing, sales, hospitality, administration, permits, menu engineering, waste management and personnel management. Based on the outcomes, an improvement process will be drawn up with concrete objectives whereby our consultant will guide you from A-Z.

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DEMAND Recruitment

The full sister of DEMAND Advisory Services is named DEMAND Recruitment. Like her big brother, DEMAND Recruitment is built on talents, however, specializing in everything that has to do with your staffing needs. Whether it is recruiting and selecting staff or fully managing your HR department, you can entrust DEMAND Recruitment. We all have hospitality blood and made from our hobby our daily job. We do go that extra mile!